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Sun Feb 2 11:22:17 PST 2003

The Condorcet_DD PERL script found at
http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=48126 has line commands that also produce Mike's preferred outcome.  First run the ballot2tally.pl script with the --nonvoted_last and --zero_equalrank commands to generate the Condorcet tally matrix from a voted ballots list and then run the Condorcet_DD.pl with the --rank_wv command.  It has line commands to request RP and BeatpathWSinner (SSD) outcomes.

Mr. Mike Ossipoff wrote:

"Eric Gore's interactive count programs for Ranked-Pairs &
BeatpathWinner, at http://www.ericgorr.net/condorcet/index.php
are the only such programs that I've heard of that take rankings
as input, and which measure defeats by winning-votes, the defeat
measure that protects majority rule and minimizes defensive strategy need, as measured by the criteria at the websites listed below."

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