[EM] Later-no-harm question

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Mon Dec 22 00:43:02 PST 2003

Random dictator can elect B 9/37 of the time, and presumably meets
later-no-harm.  In fact the 2nd choices are unused for that method.

I can't see much value in LNH as a criterion, unless getting voters to
rank as many candidates as possible is seen as an end in itself.


Kevin Venzke wrote:
> Does anyone have any idea if for the following ballots:
> 11 C>A
> 7 A
> 9 B
> 10 D>B
> an election method which meets Later-no-harm can elect B?
> If not, or probably not, what reasons can you see?
> I know of two methods which meet later-no-harm (IRV and Woodall's
> Descending Solid Coalitions) and they both pick C.
> Kevin Venzke
> stepjak at yahoo.fr

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