[EM] Re: Floyd algorithm?

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 18 05:46:02 PST 2003

I'd said, spelling it out very carefully for Markus:

>You posted a little fragment of a Python program. And, in that fragment,
>some of the lines weren't even complete. You said I called that the Floyd
>algorithm. I replied that I have never called that line-truncated fragment
>anything. Did i call the Python program from which you got that fragment
>the Floyd algorithm? That's another matter. I didnt call your poorly-copied
>fragment anything, including the Floyd algorithm.

Markus replied:

In so far as I gave a concrete quotation where you call your implementation
"Floyd algorithm", how can you still claim that I misquoted you?

I reply:

Idiot, why don't you read the quoted passage above, from my e-mail. Did I 
deny that I'd called my implementation the Floyd algorithm? The only thing 
that I denied having called "the Floyd algorithm" was your poorly-copied, 
line-truncated fragment of a Python program. You had posted that fragment 
and said that I called it the Floyd algorithm.

Markus continued:

What you call "the corrected versioin" is actually a falsified version.

I reply:

I already clarified that the corrected version now apparently wasn't the 
Floyd algorithm. I already said that, at the time,  I believed that it was 
the Floyd algorithm because I believed that it was what you were trying to 
write, when you posted a procedure that you called the Floyd algorithm.

But, whether the version that I wrote is or is not the Floyd algorithm, it 
certainly finds the strongest beatpaths. I believe that I already clarified 
for you that I couldn't care less if that version is the Floyd algorithm.

You claim that  the  1-pass procedure that you posted finds the strongest 
beatpaths. Let's check it out and find out if it does.  What was the year, 
month, and day of  your posting in which you posted what you called the  
Floyd algorithm?

The Floyd algorithm is for finding shortest paths. Are you saying that it 
also finds strongest paths?
So then, are you saying that the shortest path from one candidate to another 
is necessarily the strongest path too?

Mike Ossipoff

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