[EM] Election methods Wiki

Bjarke Dahl Ebert bjarke2003 at trebe.dk
Tue Dec 23 03:28:33 PST 2003

Dear election methods fans,

I know about Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/), which have many pages about
election methods, but I know of no Wiki where election methods are being
What I am missing, that a mailinglist cannot provide, is a medium where discussions
and consensus (or the lack thereof) about election methods can be _maintained_.

That is just what a Wiki can do. Therefore I propose that we set one up.
I would be happy to provide the web-space for it. See e.g.
http://trebe.dk/wiki/index.php/ElectionMethods/HomePage. It's almost empty now, but
I guess it could quickly be filled with something meaningful.

If such an initiative already exists, please inform me - I don't want to clone an
already existing Wiki.

Kind regards,

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