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Tom Mull tommull at
Wed Oct 30 16:23:17 PST 2002

Hello Mike and Alex,
	I am familiar with approval voting and I have heard of condorcet (and other 
methods as well). I am not as in to the technical details as so many here on 
this list seem to be, so I will have to mostly lurk and absorb what I can in 
time. I am aware that IRV is not without its flaws--the same with any 
system. I am interested in voting reform and in giving primary attention to 
how we vote and organize our government. What is the one best way to elect 
single and multiple positions may be moot but I think we need to move from 
plurality voting. We also need to give consideration to what is workable and 
has some history of use to sell it to legislators and the voting public. My 
primary information, so far, comes from the books: "Real Choices/New Voices" 
, "Behind the Ballot Box" by Douglas Amy and "Fixing Elections" by Steven 
Hill. I have also logged on to the CVD and other web sites for info. Again, 
I am not so much the mathematical technical type, I am smart enough the get 
the principal of the thing and go from there. The bottom line is what is 
workable. I would like to see some kind of PR scheme use in all levels of 
government that affect me in legislative bodies and city/county committies, 
and some kind of a scheme for single office positions such as runoffs, IRV, 
or the systems you all propose. NUFF SAID. BYE. TOM MULL. :-)

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