Reply to Tom Mull, re: IRV

Alex Small asmall at
Thu Oct 31 10:58:27 PST 2002

> The bottom line is
> what is  workable. I would like to see some kind of PR scheme use in all
> levels of  government that affect me in legislative bodies and
> city/county committies,  and some kind of a scheme for single office
> positions such as runoffs, IRV,  or the systems you all propose. NUFF

The one thing that we can all do to bring about voting reform is to vote
for whatever third-party candidates we feel best represent our views.  The
flaws of plurality voting are only apparent to the public when we have
either spoilers or close 3-way races (e.g. Minnesota gubernatorial race in

At least one person on this list is running for office as a third-party
candidate.  If he can deny the winner a majority then he has added one
more count to the indictment against plurality voting.  Good luck, Rob!


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