[EM] Getting to know you...

Jurij Toplak jure.toplak at uni-mb.si
Tue Mar 12 12:10:58 PST 2002

As far as I know people on this list are from all around the world so it
would be difficult to meet.... However, I agree that we should get to know
eachother at least a little bit - so, my proposal is, that everyone writes a
couple of sentences of what he is doing, etc. By the way, I will probably
come to DC in June 23-25 - there will be "First Election Law Summit" going
on for few days. Is anyone else comming?


> It would be nice to meet in person with people on this list, partly
> it would be fun to meet people that I correspond with, and partly since
> we're starting to talk about taking some sort of action.
> Who lives in or frequently visits Southern California?  I am in Los
> every other weekend (fiance lives there), so if some people wanted to have
> a little get together I can meet just about anywhere between San Luis
> Obispo and Orange counties.  I'm in no hurry, but it would be fun to meet
> the people that I correspond with, and maybe figure out what sort of
> we could take.
> Alex

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