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Craig Carey research at ijs.co.nz
Wed Aug 7 10:33:03 PDT 2002

At 02\08\06 19:17 -0700 Tuesday, Alex Small wrote:
 >Mr. Dasbach-
 >I'm a dues-paying Libertarian and on the e-mail list.  I'm also an
 >http://electionmethods.org/IRVproblems.htm, a page that I am NOT
 >affiliated with).

A mistake corrected.

 >for resources see
 >http://bcn.boulder.co.us/government/approvalvote/center.html and
 >My fear is that if an inferior reform is adopted, it will leave voters

Which axiom does that comment on disenchantment correspond to most

What is the principles allowing the public of Alaska to be deprived
of a referenda?.

Unfortunately this mailing list seems to have no inclination to
do research and then, with the results, educate...

 >The Election Methods Education and Research Group (EMERG) ... is a
 >non-partisan organization. We believe that election methods should
 >be evaluated objectively and mathematically,
 >If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or corrections,
 >please contact us. And be sure to check back regularly to see this
 >website grow and improve.



This text from the "NEWS from the Libertarian Party" says that the
decision was made. (Alex Small is just an observer):

 >The 2002 National Libertarian Party Convention amended our platform plank
 >on Election Laws to express support for Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).
 >Below is an announcement from Gordon Hartlieb, chair of the Alaska LP,

Alex may be with the wrong party.

The Libertarian newsletter says:

 > It has the backing
 > of every political party in Alaska except one--the Democratic Party.
 > Because of their opposition--and that of some radical environmental
 > groups, such as Alaskan Conservation Voters-- we have a tough fight,
 > and are asking for support from around the country. The national
 > battleground for electoral reform right now is in Alaska.
 >Alaskans for Voters Rights

The Libertarians appear to be a pro-'IRV' party. Mr Small is still
with them. Are you going to quit them?. If not, are you disenchanted
with the Libertarian party?.

 >  The only obstacle steeper than those imposed by the
 >  Republicrats is an electorate that has become jaded by failed reforms.

Craig Carey, New Zealand

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