[EM] Antisocial behavior

Steve Eppley SEppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Wed May 17 11:51:34 PDT 2000


It seems pretty clear to me that in numerous recent messages, 
Markus Schulze has been desperately trying to dodge the issue 
(whether his claim that his voting method is better than Tideman 
is reasonable or not) by making quite a few false claims and 
unwarranted attacks on my character.

After Markus' February 28 message ("Re: Tideman and GMC"), I 
received some private email from EM subscribers commenting on 
the nasty tone of that message.  A few weeks ago Mike Ossipoff 
felt moved to publicly scold Markus for continuing to do more of 
the same.  Markus' recent messages appear to me to be more of 
the same.

I have confidence in the ability of EM subscribers to recognize 
the antisocial quality of his tactics.  However, in case I've 
misunderstood what Markus has been saying, or in case I've made 
errors in my arguments, I hope some subscribers (other than 
Markus, of course) will take the time let me know.

---Steve     (Steve Eppley    seppley at alumni.caltech.edu)

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