[EM] Defense// voting method filter

Steve Eppley SEppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Fri May 5 20:33:22 PDT 2000


Any single-winner method can be made to comply with Mike 
Ossipoff's Minimal Defense criterion (a.k.a. Strong Defensive 
Strategy criterion) by using the Defense// filter beforehand:  

   If at least one alternative is ranked by a strict majority,
   then eliminate every alternative which is unranked by a
   strict majority.

It's not a panacea for inferior methods since it demands 
strategizing, but maybe it would be worthwhile trying to 
convince advocates of inferior methods to adopt it as a filter.  
And maybe Demorep will see enough similarity to his "yes/no plus 
rankings" methods that he won't agitate against methods which 
comply with Minimal Defense.  

---Steve     (Steve Eppley    seppley at alumni.caltech.edu)

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