[EM] Question on ...homophony

Halkiadakis Giwrgos gehalk at csi.forth.gr
Wed Jun 23 10:27:23 PDT 1999

  This is my first posting in this list.
  I have a question that may sound quite 
  strange, but I would be gratefull if I 
  received an answer :
 	Has anybody considered the
  possibility of homophony to be treated as 
  a preferential voting method? Would
  you suggest this could make sense in some cases?
  After all, the voter's strategy may vary
  when she uses a preferential method - so she
  may not put as a first choice the choice
  she would choose if she had to specify one solution. 
  I guess this could have impact to the 
  results of a vote that required homophony.
  In addition, if  homophony was seen as
  preferential method, one could see as valid
  result of homophony the case that all voters
  produced the same preferences' list.
     I would be grateful if I received any comments
  on these thoughts...
 	Thanks in advance,
 	George Chalkiadakis
 	Post-graduate student 
 	Computer Science Dpt.,
 	University of Crete
 	e-mail: gehalk at csd.uch.gr
		gehalk at csi.forth.gr

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