[EM] Terminology mistake

Halkiadakis Giwrgos gehalk at csi.forth.gr
Thu Jun 24 05:13:05 PDT 1999

Hello again.
I am afraid I made a terminology mistake
in the mail I sent yesterday,
that may puzzled many of you.
Where I wrote "homophony", I meant

("homophonia" is the greek word for unanimity)

Please forgive my mistake!
 Thank you,
 George Chalkiadakis
>   Hello.
>   This is my first posting in this list.
>   I have a question that may sound quite 
>   strange, but I would be gratefull if I 
>   received an answer :
>  	Has anybody considered the
>   possibility of homophony to be treated as 
>   a preferential voting method? Would
>   you suggest this could make sense in some cases?
>   After all, the voter's strategy may vary
>   when she uses a preferential method - so she
>   may not put as a first choice the choice
>   she would choose if she had to specify one solution. 
>   I guess this could have impact to the 
>   results of a vote that required homophony.
>   In addition, if  homophony was seen as
>   preferential method, one could see as valid
>   result of homophony the case that all voters
>   produced the same preferences' list.
>      I would be grateful if I received any comments
>   on these thoughts...
>  	Thanks in advance,
>  	George Chalkiadakis
>  	Post-graduate student 
>  	Computer Science Dpt.,
>  	University of Crete
>  	e-mail: gehalk at csd.uch.gr
> 		gehalk at csi.forth.gr

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