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I am wondering what people are thinking about the State of Washington
Congressman who beat Tom Foley six years ago on a campaign of fixed terms
(no more than three terms or six years) and now that he has reached his
voluntary self-imposed limits, he is running for re-election! Now, I
generally opposed term limits as I believe that we are removing legislators
just when they are getting to be competent on the basis of issues. However,
let us look at the real issue hear and it not term limits. This
representative lied and is going back on his word (it is not surprising that
he is a Republican ;-). What should we do with this liar or should we just
let him get away with the errors of his ways.

Mike S.

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> > Recall elections should exist to be able to get rid of/change idiot
> > legislative bodies or executive / judicial officers anytime.
> Blake Cretney-
> Do citizens in PR countries talk as much about recall as those in
> like Canada and the US?  It seems to me that if the public elects a
> legislature using a reasonable method, then the public is unlikely to want
> throw them out before the next election.  Any comments from people who
> actually live in PR countries?  Am I being overly optimistic about either
> or human nature?
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> D- Politicians always seem to do something different after being elected
> was not in their pre-election platforms (always claiming that conditions
> changed since their election).  This seems especially to be the case in
> multi-party p.r. governments (e.g. Israel).
> The situation in New Zealand is a classic example of the need for a recall
> system in a PR country (noting that additional MMP PR elections may reduce
> the chaos in NZ).
> Having the recall threat will reduce pre-election politician
> Sovereignty is ALWAYS in the People (i.e. Electors) to change a government
> any time for any reason.

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