Fixed Terms

Thu Aug 26 18:07:27 PDT 1999


> * Fixed terms
> Recall elections should exist to be able to get rid of/change idiot 
> legislative bodies or executive / judicial officers anytime.

Blake Cretney-

Do citizens in PR countries talk as much about recall as those in countries
like Canada and the US?  It seems to me that if the public elects a
legislature using a reasonable method, then the public is unlikely to want to
throw them out before the next election.  Any comments from people who
actually live in PR countries?  Am I being overly optimistic about either PR
or human nature?

D- Politicians always seem to do something different after being elected that 
was not in their pre-election platforms (always claiming that conditions have 
changed since their election).  This seems especially to be the case in 
multi-party p.r. governments (e.g. Israel).

The situation in New Zealand is a classic example of the need for a recall 
system in a PR country (noting that additional MMP PR elections may reduce 
the chaos in NZ).

Having the recall threat will reduce pre-election politician lies/promises.  
Sovereignty is ALWAYS in the People (i.e. Electors) to change a government at 
any time for any reason.

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