Fixed Terms

Blake Cretney bcretney at
Fri Aug 27 16:45:44 PDT 1999

Michael A. Schoenfield & Associates, Ltd. wrote:

> I am wondering what people are thinking about the State of Washington
> Congressman who beat Tom Foley six years ago on a campaign of fixed terms
> (no more than three terms or six years) and now that he has reached his
> voluntary self-imposed limits, he is running for re-election! Now, I
> generally opposed term limits as I believe that we are removing legislators
> just when they are getting to be competent on the basis of issues. However,
> let us look at the real issue hear and it not term limits. This
> representative lied and is going back on his word (it is not surprising
> he is a Republican ;-). What should we do with this liar or should we just
> let him get away with the errors of his ways.

This is an interesting topic, and certainly worthy of discussion, but
I should point out that when I was talking about fixed terms, I was
referring to a fixed time between elections, ie. every four years
instead of anything up to 5 years.  The US already has fixed terms.

Blake Cretney

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