Mike Ositoff ntk at netcom.com
Wed Sep 30 15:42:22 PDT 1998

When in my most recent letter, I said that when B voters 
declare that they're going to rank C over A, in Margins,
they're inviting A voters to order reverse, I of course
meant to say that they're inviting C voters to order-reverse.

I should add that in Margins the CW is defeated more easily
than that too; no need for order-reversal; mere truncation,
strategically intended or not, is all it takes.

You talked about an insincere extension problem in VA. I told
why it isn't really a problem. But the Margins problems,
like its violation of expressed majority wishes, and its
need for drastic (for a rank-method) defensive strategy
even if innocent truncation occurs are in stark contrast
to the relative strategy-freeness of VA, where you don't
need any defensive strategy if there's a CW & order-reversal
doesn't occur.


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