Margins Reply part 1

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sat Sep 19 02:17:10 PDT 1998

Must write several short messages, so that I won't lose
as much writing time each time Netcom screws up and locks the

Blake said that in Votes-Against, everyone would start
ranking everyone, even if indifferent between them, and then
the method would become equivalent to Margins, except for
offensive strategies. Big difference.

Say everyone starts ranking everyone, even without having
a preference between them, and that, as Blake suggests, that
will lead to order-reversal the way marijuana leads to heroin.

But what's the Votes-Against defense against order-reversal?
Strategic truncation. Avoid ranking more candidates than you
estimate necessary. Oh what a cruel dilemma that puts the
strategists in! They can't resist ranking everyone,even though
they know that it sets them up for the order-reversal that
everyone has been led to because of discovering the benefits
of ranking everyone.

Must quit & write again


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