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> >A fourth objection to rank balloting.
> >
> >Rank balloting assumes that the complexity of the system
> >is not an issue or will cease to be an issue when computer
> >voting is available.
> >
> >This is simply wrong. More complex systems drive voters
> >away adn reduce the number of elective offices. In the

The U.S. is one of the few remaining FPP countries in the
industrialized world, and we have the lowest turnout. HOw
does that fit your theory. Where do you get your facts?

> >UK people vote for parlement but not for judges or even
> >the head of state. Parlement appoints all these or they
> >are hereditary.

Did you know that the UK uses the same FPP voting we use? We
got it from them.

> >
> >Having more elective offices is simply more democratic.
> >Driving away voters with a complex system is less
> >democratic. Even approval voting is in this sense less
> >democratic than straight voting. There are no perfect

So you believe that letting people vote for their favorite too
when they vote for a probably-needed compromise will stop them
from voting? :-)

Less democratic to let the voter be the one to choose how
many candidates he votes for? Approval is plurality with the
voter freedom it should have. Approval is Plurality done right.

Mike Ossipoff

> >answers.
> >
> >Two issues. First what is a majority? In approval voting
> >a majority is the approval of a majority of voters. It
> >means a majority of voters are willing to see you in office.
> >
> >If a majority is required for taking office, something I'm
> >not sure makes sense approval voting means it is easier to
> >get a majority. If a majority is required I would propose
> >that non voters are counted as approving of all candidates.
> >If you want to approve of no candidates you must come down
> >and submit a blank ballot.
> >
> >This will allow the winner in an American election to say
> >they had the approval of 75% of the voters instead of saying
> >they came in a poor second to "none of the above." It encourages
> >voting.
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