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>>I don't believe that a 1-dimensional simplification is all that
>>unreasonable, even if it isn't absolutely literally accurate.
>>Many of the issues are grouped by most voters, so that there's
>>some tendency for people who feel a certain way on one issue
>>to also feel a certain way on other issues too. Some say that
>>happens more than it should. I don't know, but, to a large extent
>>I'm sure it's rational voting behavior. Maybe several different
>>issues are underlain by more basic issues like caring vs
>>uncaringness, consideration & compassion vs their opposites.
>>If so, then it isn't surprising that there tends to be a 1-dimensional]
>>issue-space, at least to some extent.
>I've been looking at statistics on some things and think
>you are flatly wrong. For example the percentage of pro-life
>and pro-choice Libertarians is within epsilon of equal and
>continues to be equal when you allow statements like pro-life
>in late pregnancy pro-choice in early pregnancy, I don't care,
>and my opinion not listed. Libertarians used to be four to one
>former Republican over former Democratic we are approaching
>one to one.
>Environmental issues are really multiple issues some of which
>compete and seem largely disconnected from opinions on other
>issues. Atomic power is obviously less polluting on a global
>scale, CO2 etc. but can suddenly render large tracks of land
>unusable to man, much to the benefit of the local wildlife. Its
>interesting that various Green parties are so uniformly opposed.
>As a Libertarian I oppose various mechanisms for limiting
>liability which amounts to a law against Atomic power.
>This suggests multiplying elected offices and power niches is
>a good idea. Suppose we had a separate body that voted on
>environmental issues people could vote on that independent
>of other issues.
>There are also voter referenda which allow people to separate
>issues from people entirely.
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