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>A fourth objection to rank balloting.
>Rank balloting assumes that the complexity of the system
>is not an issue or will cease to be an issue when computer
>voting is available.
>This is simply wrong. More complex systems drive voters
>away adn reduce the number of elective offices. In the
>UK people vote for parlement but not for judges or even
>the head of state. Parlement appoints all these or they
>are hereditary.
>Having more elective offices is simply more democratic.
>Driving away voters with a complex system is less
>democratic. Even approval voting is in this sense less
>democratic than straight voting. There are no perfect
>Two issues. First what is a majority? In approval voting
>a majority is the approval of a majority of voters. It
>means a majority of voters are willing to see you in office.
>If a majority is required for taking office, something I'm
>not sure makes sense approval voting means it is easier to
>get a majority. If a majority is required I would propose
>that non voters are counted as approving of all candidates.
>If you want to approve of no candidates you must come down
>and submit a blank ballot.
>This will allow the winner in an American election to say
>they had the approval of 75% of the voters instead of saying
>they came in a poor second to "none of the above." It encourages
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