What do you do ... absolutely.

Charles Fiterman cef at geodesic.com
Fri Oct 30 04:51:59 PST 1998

At 01:52 AM 10/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Bart Ingles wrote:
>> Charles Fiterman wrote:
>> >
>> > Its two weeks before election and the Republicans just stole my vote.
>> > They did this with unfair ballot access rules that forced the Libertarian
>> > party to gather more signatures than any party in America's history.
>> > And since they control the election board even that is not enough.
>> >
>> > Obviously I'm going to vote for Democrats.
>> >
>    Let me get this straight. . . you are angry at the libertarian party's (the
>party of limited government) failure to get on the ballot, so you are going to
>vote DEMOCRATIC, the part of massive government?

In fact there are no right left differences between Republicans and Democrats
they just take bribes from different people. Republicans take bribes from
Insurance companies and give them things like special protection from damage
suits. Democrats take bribes from hospital management and give them things like 
unneeded hospital stays even though dangerous drug resistant creatures live in 
hospitals. Democrats take bribes from unions and Republicans from coal mine 
operators. Neither is really for free enterprise much less freedom.

We don't take bribes because no one bothers if you get under 5% of the vote.
We all know we will have to rethink the Libertarian party when that changes.

In the mean time it is better to be hated and feared than hated and not feared.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It is the Republicans who stole my vote.

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