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Thu Oct 22 18:35:58 PDT 1998

The problem in many so-called developed countries, as well as undeveloped
countries, is indirect minority rule by one or a handful of oligarchs.  

In such politically primitive countries I suggest-

1. Have ballot access by equal nominating petitions.

2. Have a simple proportional representation system for legislative bodies-
namely, have a primary in which each voter votes for 1 candidate and in which
N (at least 5) persons are nominated in each district.

In a general election, each voter votes in his/her district for 1 of the N
nominated candidates.  Each winner would have a voting power in the
legislative body equal to the number of votes he/she receives.

An alternative without a primary would have each general candidate be able to
transfer some or all of the votes he/she receives to another candidate on an
instant runoff basis until only N candidates remain (who would be elected).

3. Simple approval voting for executive and judicial offices (no primary

More accurate, but more complex, election methods can come a little later.

Among the more politically primitive countries with powermad oligarchies are
the U.S.A., the U.K., Canada and the Phillipines.

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