What do you do ... absolutly.

Daniel Davis cicero13 at ufl.edu
Thu Oct 29 22:52:22 PST 1998

Bart Ingles wrote:

> Charles Fiterman wrote:
> >
> > Its two weeks before election and the Republicans just stole my vote.
> > They did this with unfair ballot access rules that forced the Libertarian
> > party to gather more signatures than any party in America's history.
> > And since they control the election board even that is not enough.
> >
> > Obviously I'm going to vote for Democrats.
> >

    Let me get this straight. . . you are angry at the libertarian party's (the
party of limited government) failure to get on the ballot, so you are going to
vote DEMOCRATIC, the part of massive government?

    Less Absolute.  (just kidding)

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