What do you do ... absolutly.

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Thu Oct 29 22:26:42 PST 1998

Charles Fiterman wrote:
> Its two weeks before election and the Republicans just stole my vote.
> They did this with unfair ballot access rules that forced the Libertarian
> party to gather more signatures than any party in America's history.
> And since they control the election board even that is not enough.
> Obviously I'm going to vote for Democrats.
> But the social contract between us is now the contract between tyrant
> and oppressed. This does not cover innocent bystanders. It is unethical
> to shoot a Republican in a crowd because their blood might spatter and
> damage someone's clothing. Also experts in revolution e.g. Lenin say
> terrorism is poor tactics. But outside of tactics it is perfectly ethical
> and even laudable to shoot Republicans. I can't imagine a moral argument
> against it.  [...........................]

This is the kind of blather that can get us all branded as a bunch of
dangerous wackos.  If you want to post while drinking I suggest posting
anonymously to a newsgroup, either that or try e-mailing the FBI

Time to cut down on the Absolut.

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