Shouldn't Talk To Santa Clara?

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Mon Oct 19 01:13:31 PDT 1998

Thanks for the reply to my question about Santa Clara. If
opposition to IRO there would be constued as opposition to reform,
then I don't want to make myself look anti-reform. Anyway,
I listen to the answers that I get on this.

But let me reply to the suggestion that IRO is a path to PR.
Part of my concern about IRO is that its failures will discredit
rank-balloting in general, and STV in particular. People will
say "That PR proposal you're giving us looks a lot like the
failed IRO system that we've just tried".

Anyway, if I only get replies suggesting not to talk to people
in Santa Clara County, and no one saying there's no reason
not to, then I won't write to Santa Clara.

Mike Ossipoff

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