Shouldn't Talk To Santa Clara?

Daniel Davis cicero13 at
Mon Oct 19 00:36:01 PDT 1998

Mike Ositoff wrote:

> This November, voters in Santa Clara will vote on whether or
> not to authorize IRO for county elections. I've told why
> I claim IRO is worse than Runoff, the method currently in use.
> Is there a reason why I shouldn't talk to people in Santa Clara
> County about that? I'm an outsider? But haven't CVD outsiders
> peddled their wares in Santa Clara, Texas, & New Mexico, etc.?

    Why would you fight an improvement in the electoral system, when
such things are so few and far between?

    Like it was said earlier, if there are 4 or more candidates the
run-off election can unfairly cause electoral distortions; the split
vote effect that needs no explanation.

    If there is a leftist/centrist/rightwing trio of candidates, support
evenly matched for the two centrist/rightist candidates (with a slight
plurality for the liberal candidate), and a fourth left-leaning
enviormentalist candidate runs also, splitting the vote will cause the
centrist and conservative candidates to be the only choices for the

    And you are fighting to improve that. . . I do not understand.

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