"more than half the voters???"

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Mr. Ossipoff wrote in part--

You're asking a bit too much of a voting system. Shall we
define a system in which majority rules unless it wants
to do something bad? Sorry, but democracy doesn't ensure
that the people will do the right thing, or won't do horrible
things. So that means that you'd take away democracy?
D- Bills of rights in Anglo-American history have come about due to the
various outrageous acts of lunatic monarchs and their hencemen/ women in the
various executive branches, the courts and minority rule gerrymander
legislative bodies (such as the ultra gerrymander of the U.K. House of Commons
up to 1832 when the semi-forced passage of the U.K. Great Reform Act of 1832
abolished the infamous *rotten boroughs* dating from the Middle Ages having
very small populations for electing members of the U.K. House of Commons).

See for example the book, Sources of Our Liberties, edited by Richard L. Perry

The American Revolution was a direct response to the intolerable Acts of
Parliament enacted by the minority rule gerrymander in the U.K. House of
Commons in 1763-1776.

The disaster of the 1861-1865 U.S. Civil War came about due to the various
gerrymanders for electing the U.S. President, the U.S. House of
Representatives, the U.S. Senate and the various north and south State

If a majority in a modern p.r. legislative body passes arbitrary extreme laws
(such as ordering death for minority group X-- noting however the prohibition
of U.S. and State Bills of Attainer in the U.S. Constitution), then the would
be victims can always resort to First Principles as in the 1776 Declaration of

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