"more than half the voters???"

DEMOREP1 at aol.com DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Wed Oct 7 15:03:47 PDT 1998

Mr. Davidson wrote in part-

     So, would you explain what you consider to be "more than half the
voters". You can start with this example:

        18 AB         17 BA        15 CA
        18 AC         17 BC        15 CB
       ------        ------       ------
        36      +     34     +     30     =     100

     Do any of these candidaates have "more than half the voters"?
     I am expecting you to say that the group that voted for candidate A
contains more than half the voters(68).
     If so, Then I must point out to you that the groups that voted for
candidate B and C also have "more than half the voters"(67 and 65)
according to your defination.
D- IF (repeat, IF) each vote is an Approval type YES vote, then obviously A, B
and C each have YES majorities.  How many executive/judicial candidates will
get YES majorities in real world elections ?

Head to Head--
A 51, B 49
B 52, C 48
C 47, A 53

A beats both B and C head to head and is thus the Condorcet Winner.

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