Direct LO2E, VA, & Margins

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Thu Oct 1 18:09:43 PDT 1998

Millions of voters, including virtually all of the ones I've
spoken with, say that their goal in voting isn't to vote for
someone, it's to vote against someone.

So, though they like Nader best, they vote for Clinton, because
that's a more effective vote against Dole. _Vote Against_.

Since that's what's important to people, why not count it?
VA counts what those many voters want counted, while still
letting the express & have counted their vote for their
favorite against all the others. You can be assured that
when you vote Nader>Clinton>Dole, you've cast a reliably
& fully counted voted against Dole, fully helping the compromise
beat less liked candidates, which is what voters want.

That isn't true with IRO or Margins. It's why VA was proposed.
I've discussed it in terms of strategy, majority wishes,'
and the voters' insistence on LO2E.


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