Direct LO2E, VA, & Margins

Thu Oct 1 19:43:51 PDT 1998

Mr. Ossipoff wrote ---

Millions of voters, including virtually all of the ones I've
spoken with, say that their goal in voting isn't to vote for
someone, it's to vote against someone.

D- Perhaps reform of ballot access laws and election methods would produce
more candidates such that the millions of voters would find somebody to vote

What percentage of ALL the voters would find Nader, Clinton, Dole, Perot,
Bush, Reagan, Gore, etc. etc. at any given election to be acceptable ?  If
less than half of ALL the voters, then each should not be elected.  If more
than half of ALL the voters, then each can be number ranked by ALL the voters.

I note again that executive officers such as U.S. Presidents should only be
executing the laws and NOT making the laws such that many folks can be a U.S.

Unfortunately, in what I consider to be a total perversion of the U.S.
Constitution, the U.S. Supreme Court has made U.S. Presidents elective gods
regarding foreign interventions (i.e wars) (compounded by a monarchial
elective god build up of the office of President since 1933 by the newsmedia
and compounded much more by having both houses of the U.S. Congress being
continuously elected by indirect minority rule gerrymanders). 

Most voters think they have *some* influence only in voting for U.S.
Presidents (which creates some rabid/mindless supporters of whoever is elected
after he/she takes office).  

Thus, the LO2E problem with partisan plurality primaries and in plurality
general elections compounded by third party candidates (i.e. Mr. Perot's ego
in 1992 and 1996).  

Getting p.r. (i.e. indirect majority rule) in electing the U.S. Congress and
State legislatures is much more important than single winner reform for mere
executive and judicial offices.

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