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What makes you think that slavery is not active at this time! The new
welfare rules and laws have the intention to force women to take low-paying
jobs (slavery) and to place their children in day-care. Now, a true welfare
reform program would stress education so that these women could take on
well-paying jobs. But the answer to this is no, the business community
cannot find enough people for low-paying and/or disagreeable jobs, so they
will force low skill women into these jobs. Where I come from, this is
called slavery.

Michael S.

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>On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Daniel Davis wrote:
>>     Well Corny, if you want to be ultra-meta-super-idealistic, why have
representatives?  Time for some greek city-state
>> democracy.
>Yeah, I think slavery should come back in fashion, don't you guys?
>(P.S. This is sarcasm... honestly!)

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