First Choice Criterion

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Thu Nov 5 17:53:53 PST 1998


Blake said [referring to the strong 1st Choice Criterion]:

> I don't think what you're describing can be written as a criterion.  A
> criterion is a PASS/FAIL test that can be mathematically proven for
> any method.  You don't think people will use order reversal in VA,
> because of your retaliatory truncation strategy.  This may or may
> not be true, but it certainly can't be mathematically proven.

You're quite right. That criterion is probably unmeetable by
any 1-balloting method. So then I'd re-word it to make it
attainable. Instead of talking about protecting the win of the
CW, I'd instead talk about preventing a candidate one likes less
than the CW from winning due to offensive strategy (insincere
voting intended to take victory from a CW).


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