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> What makes you think that slavery is not active at this time! The new
> welfare rules and laws have the intention to force women to take low-paying
> jobs (slavery) and to place their children in day-care. Now, a true welfare
> reform program would stress education so that these women could take on
> well-paying jobs. But the answer to this is no, the business community
> cannot find enough people for low-paying and/or disagreeable jobs, so they
> will force low skill women into these jobs. Where I come from, this is
> called slavery.
> Michael S.

I'm not the list owner, so I'm just speaking as one participant
to another: The problems that you speak of, and many others,
related & unrelated, are, ultimately at least, issues of government.
Pretty much everything major that happens around us, including
the survival or non-survival of the natural environment, depends
on social decisions made by government. Sometimes by initiatives,
more often by elected officials. How we choose those officials,
or how we'd make multi-alternative choices in direct democracy
(if we had DD), is therefore something that matters. We're on
this list because we agree that how public choices are made,
at the voting level, is the basis of the mechanism of how those
problems happen or don't happen.

That's why we're here to discuss voting systems. Not all the
particular social problems & social mistakes. It's been
pointed out by Noam Chomsky & others that the public has 
repeatedly shown itself to be more progressive than its
leaders. It matters how we choose them. Join our discussion
of how to imporove the way we choose them.

Mike Ossipoff

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> >Yeah, I think slavery should come back in fashion, don't you guys?
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