solid 1CC definition

Mike Ositoff ntk at
Sun Nov 15 03:58:46 PST 1998

This is a hopefully solid definition of a 1st Choice Criterion.

Definitions of terms in the criterion's definition:


A group of voters "strategize" if they do other than sincerely
rank all of the candidates.

Informed Offensive Strategy:

A group of voters use "informed offensive strategy" if they
strategize in a way that will elect someone they like more
than the CW, if no other voters strategize, where the CW
would have otherwise won.

Thwarting Informed Offensive Strategy:

A group of voters thwart informed offensive strategy if they
strategize with the result of electing a candidate whom
users of informed offensive strategy like less than the CW.

1st Choice Criterion:

A group of voters consisting of a majority of all the voters
should have a way to elect the CW or thwart informed offensive
strategy, without any of that group having to vote a less-liked
candidate over their favorite.

(If there is a CW).


That's the weak version. For the strong version, replace
"over their favorite" with "equal to or over their favorite".



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