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New Democracy donald at mich.com
Sun Nov 15 04:00:57 PST 1998


Bart Ingles wrote:

"If the first choice doesn't mean more than lower choices, why do we all seem
to agree that a candidate with 50.1% of the first choice vote should win over
someone with 100% of the second choice vote?"

     I for one do not believe the lower choices mean as much as the first
choices, but I know the people who this question should be directed
towards. Those people are the ones that advocate Approval Voting - Mike-O
and Demorep to name two.

     And the answer to Bart's question is: because Mike-O and Demorep do
not have the courage of their convictions.

     The general public believes 50%+1 is the majority winner and they
would shout Mike-O and Demorep down if those two would even suggest
otherwise. The supporters of Approval know it is prudent to leave the field
of battle so that they may live to fight another day. It is a cop-out on
the part of Mike-O and Demorep. It is part of the deception of Approval.
Day after day those two have been trying to kid everyone into the belief of
a false god, but they are merely kidding themselves.

     Approval Voting is not a valid election method - it is a joke. If
Mike-O and Demorep had any sense of humor they would realize it was a joke.

     Speaking of a sense of humor, that guy Condorcet, now he had a sense
of humor. He pulled, on his peers one hundred years ago, a joke that is
still alive today. Mike-O and Demorep should have his sense of humor and
stop being the butt of jokes - jokes like Approval and Condorcet.

Donald Davison

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