Lawlessness in an American election backfires.

Charles Fiterman cef at
Mon Nov 2 07:02:02 PST 1998

In Illinois the major parties only need to get
5,000 signatures on their petitions to get on
the ballot while minor parties need 25,000 this
is a major expense.

The Libertarians got 62,000 and the Republicans
challenged every one and challenged the existence
of the petition gatherers who had to show up
and prove their existence. But after the challenges
and their vast expense there were still 28,000
proven signatures.

So the Republican dominated (Republican is the
American term for Communist) board of election
commissioners threw off the needed 5,000 signatures
for no reason at all. 

The Libertarians sued. Now for the suit to be
valid the subpoena must be served. The Republicans
went into hiding so we had a board of elections
that were fugitives from justice. The court threw
out the suit on the grounds that the subpoenas hadn't
been served. 

The Libertarians endorsed the Democrats who had
been 10% down in the election. For some reason
I cannot understand the Republican had thought that
without Libertarian candidates to vote for the
Libertarians would vote for them. They also thought
that election commissioners hiding from subpoenas 
would have no effect on how anyone voted. These
expectations were flawed and it looks at least
even. Even the scandal ridden Carol Mosley Braun
has a lead in the polls.

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