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David Marsay djmarsay at
Wed Nov 4 05:52:51 PST 1998

Blake Cretney wrote (directly to me):
> >><SNIP>
> >Example: 2 voters with rankings ABC, CBA. I would say B was a 
> >reasonable compromise. Presumably you would insist on a draw.
> According to what I've been advocating, this should be a draw.  The
> winner should be chosen by picking one of the two ballots at random
> and using its first choice, so either A or C will win with a 50%
> chance of each.  The random ballot tie-breaker is used to obey

In my example above I could understand a 3-way draw, but not a 
two-way between A and C. This seems more intuitive than most technical 
criteria, like GITC. 

In a UK scenario this situation would mostly likely arise when the 
candidates represent a 1-D spectrum of views, with B the compromise. 
In this case B is justifiable. A and C are not.

I think most criteria will have special cases where they are 
counter-intuitive. We need to focus on 'typical' cases, which seems 
to depend on where you live.

Sorry, but apparently I have to do this. :-(
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