Lawlessness in an American election backfires.

Daniel Davis cicero13 at
Mon Nov 2 07:42:20 PST 1998

    Mosely - hyphen - braun is an embarrassment to african americans and
to womyn.

    Vote her out.  How she beat Alan Dixon in the '92 primary I never
shall know.

    She is an airhead, I know of no other black female who is such as
she is.


Charles Fiterman wrote:

> In Illinois the major parties only need to get
> 5,000 signatures on their petitions to get on
> the ballot while minor parties need 25,000 this
> is a major expense.
> The Libertarians got 62,000 and the Republicans
> challenged every one and challenged the existence
> of the petition gatherers who had to show up
> and prove their existence. But after the challenges
> and their vast expense there were still 28,000
> proven signatures.
> So the Republican dominated (Republican is the
> American term for Communist) board of election
> commissioners threw off the needed 5,000 signatures
> for no reason at all.
> The Libertarians sued. Now for the suit to be
> valid the subpoena must be served. The Republicans
> went into hiding so we had a board of elections
> that were fugitives from justice. The court threw
> out the suit on the grounds that the subpoenas hadn't
> been served.
> The Libertarians endorsed the Democrats who had
> been 10% down in the election. For some reason
> I cannot understand the Republican had thought that
> without Libertarian candidates to vote for the
> Libertarians would vote for them. They also thought
> that election commissioners hiding from subpoenas
> would have no effect on how anyone voted. These
> expectations were flawed and it looks at least
> even. Even the scandal ridden Carol Mosley Braun
> has a lead in the polls.

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