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I tried making this post to the list, only for the list to flake out and
unsubscribe me.  Since I haven't logged on for a couple of days, I missed
all mail to this list from Feb 4 and Feb 5.  If folks could forward me any
mail from Feb 4 or Feb 5 I'd appreciate it.  This will let me update the
archive and read anything I've missed

Rob Lanphier
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>Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 00:09:03 -0800 (PST)
>From: Rob Lanphier <robla at eskimo.com>
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>Subject: Condorcet short description 
>This isn't quite layman talk (there are big words) but it's a start....
>Hugh, feel free to muck with this if you like.  If anyone has some simpler
>language, feel free to take a stab at it.
>Condorcet's method is a sophisticated, primariless election
>method that rigorously picks the majoritarian candidate from
>an arbitrarily large pool of candidates.  Condorcet's method 
>is based upon the simple principle that a winning candidate 
>should be able to beat any other candidate in a head-to-head 
>matchup.  It determines the outcome of simulated 
>head-to-head matchups by aggregating the ranked ballots of
>all voters in a table of pairwise "outcomes".
>This method eliminates the need for primaries, which only
>serve as method for allowing the fringe from one party or
>the other undue influence over the eventual compromise of
>all, while shutting out blocs that "bet on the wrong horse", 
>through no fault of their ideas.
>Condorcet elections almost invariably either:
>a.  Pick the candidate who has the majority support of all
>    voters (voters that were uncoerced to vote for a lesser
>    candidate after a preferred candidate was knocked out
>    in a primary)
>b.  Choose a compromise which a majority prefer to any other
>    compromise in lieu of the existance of a majority-rule 
>    candidate.
>Rob Lanphier
>robla at eskimo.com

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