[EM] Multiple-option initiatives

Mike Ossipoff dfb at bbs.cruzio.com
Sun Mar 10 18:47:09 PST 1996

Yes, the fairest & most rational way to deal with competing, mutually
contradictory, initiatives would be to combine them, & NOTB, in 1
rank-balloting public vote.

Under the current system, the voter who wants to make sure that
at least 1 of several good initiatives passes (& beats the inevitable
phoney) must vote for both (all) of them, with no way to indicate
preference between them. 

Not that we're even given real multi-alternative choices, among
proposals or policies, to vote on anyway now, though we should be.
That would be a step most of the way toward complete direct democracy,
removing the very weak link known as the politician.

It's true that, since the public can't be as easily  bribed or bought,
there are interests who'd fight very hard against giving the public
a more genuine choice among alternative proposals & policies. What 
difference does it make what the people want if whomever they elect
can be counted on to do what his/her contributors want instead?



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