[EM] Multiple-option initiatives

Steve Eppley seppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Sun Mar 10 12:38:59 PST 1996

K.D., thanks for the insights.

>Steve E. asked:
>>Do you think there'd be serious opposition to multiproposal (via
>>Condorcet ballot) Initiative reform?

Another wrinkle I've been thinking about would give power to the
Sec'y of State (or other appropriate nonpartisan body) to convert
separate rival initiatives into a combined ranked initiative.  (NOTB
or its equivalent must also be included as one of the choices, of

I can imagine this power being abused, but it could also be used to
clean up the initiative process.  The existing process allows two or
more partially or wholly competing initiatives to both be approved,
leaving a mess to be tidied up by the courts.  Only one could win
when they're combined.

This item might produce a net savings for the state, but it would be 
impossible to estimate.

Is this another of my half-baked ideas?


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