[EM] (Fwd) STV and truncation

Steve Eppley seppley at alumni.caltech.edu
Sun Mar 31 03:09:17 PST 1996

Rob L. wrote [in elections-reform]:
>Steve Eppley wrote:
>> Doesn't the STV algorithm not attempt to transfer a ballot from a
>> winner's excess if it can't be transferred?  Won't it transfer other
>> voters' ballots, who have other candidates in their rankings,
>> instead?  This seems like it would be only a small tweak to the
>> algorithm, if needed.
>Hmm, this actually sounds like a dangerous tweak to make, if I
>understand you correctly.  A fringe candidate could end up getting
>the votes of people who never intended to vote for them.  Votes
>could "drift" very far from where the voter stopped ranking

Does fractional STV really throw away fractions of those ballots
which are truncated?  Is that better than keeping them and 
transferring larger fractions of ballots which didn't truncate?

I'm not sure what you mean about the fringe candidates getting votes.
They wouldn't get votes of people who truncate them away.  Do you think
the fringies would be truncated away less than other candidates?

Perhaps you misunderstood my poorly written paragraph.


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