[EM] Same subject-line, different messages

Mike Ossipoff dfb at bbs.cruzio.com
Fri Mar 1 21:46:08 PST 1996

Again I've posted to [EM] two messages in a row with the same subject
line. That happened because I forgot to change the subject line when
sending a reply in which I was changing the subject from the original one.

Though my 2 messages before this one both have the same subject
line: "Multiple Same Choices", they're 2 separate messages. One
is about how shared rank positions should be counted, and the other
is about Random-Solution vs Condorcet's method, and the importance
of how beaten a candidate is.

The purpose of this message is to hopefully prevent one of those
2 messages from being accidentally deleted, since they could
appear to be 2 copies of the same message. I meant to change the
subject line, but forgot & sent them without changing it.



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