Definition of "Pairwise Method"

Bruce Anderson landerso at
Tue Apr 16 23:27:59 PDT 1996

On Apr 16,  4:45am, Mike Ossipoff wrote:
> Subject: Re: Definition of "Pairwise Method"
> By the way, if we have no equally ranked alternatives, and if every
> voter ranks all of the alternatives, is Jean-Charles method the
> same as Borda? Was Jean-Charles the 1st name of de Borda?
>-- End of excerpt from Mike Ossipoff

When I defined it on 13 April 1996, I said:  "For the obvious reason, call this 
voting method the Jean-Charles voting method."

Jean-Charles de Borda (1733-1799), or so I'm told.

I'll try to write a few more substantive responses tomorrow.


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