Definition of "Pairwise Method"

Mike Ossipoff dfb at
Tue Apr 16 04:45:43 PDT 1996

Of course Jean-Charles method meets your & Steve's definition of a
Pairwise method, or so it seems to me. Since it seems to me that it
didn't say anything about picking as winner an alternative that beats
each one of the others, and that its rule won't necessarily do that,
it isn't a Pairwise method as I've been using the term. But I realize
that a broader definition of Pairwise is desired by others, and I
don't object to such a definition. So Jean-Charles method meets the
newly agreed-upon definition of a Pairwise method.

By the way, if we have no equally ranked alternatives, and if every
voter ranks all of the alternatives, is Jean-Charles method the
same as Borda? Was Jean-Charles the 1st name of de Borda?

We've got at least 1 bad enough Pairwise method being proposed
already without expanding the definition so far that it includes
Borda. But, as I said, if people prefer that broad definition I
don't object, though I prefer calling the methods by their own names,
since I don't believe it's meaningful to classify the Pairwise methods
together, since they have so little in common, in regards to merit.



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