Approval Voting Major Defect

Sun Apr 28 06:37:52 PDT 1996

The recent Spokane and York proposals indicate that approval voting has a
major defect.
Namely, a candidate can have a majority of the first choice votes and yet not
be elected.

Total 101 voters
46 voters vote A only
3 voters vote A, B
2 voters vote A, C
25 voters vote B, C
25 voters vote C, B

Total votes
A 51
B 53
C 52

B is elected using approval voting although A has a majority of the first
choice votes.
This fundamental defect is related to the fundamental defect of majority
preference voting (MPV) (a.k.a. instant run-off (IRO)) in which a loser with
the lowest number of first choice votes could beat each other candidate head
to head and yet not be elected.

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