[EM] Some brief campaign argument (Approval)

Martin Harper mcnh2 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Apr 21 05:30:35 PDT 2001

LAYTON Craig wrote:

> You are right, of course.  But imagine you are playing in a soccer match and
> your team loses 3-1.  During the match, you score your team's only goal, but
> you also score an own-goal for your opponents.  You haven't caused your team
> to lose by scoring the own-goal, but that doesn't stop you feeling bad about
> it.

Well, scoring an own goal would be more equivalent with non-monotonicity 
- that horrendosu feeling when you'd have been better off not voting. In 
approval, by contrast, your big problem will be more akin to missing a 
penalty - bad, but not quite as bad... Of course, the same problem 
occurs in Condorcet if you lazy-truncate - but that's arguably more 

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