[EM] Approval Vote ballot paper sought; rejected by 'one man onevote' rules

Martin Harper mcnh2 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Apr 8 19:49:49 PDT 2001

Craig Carey wrote:

> Regarding the definition of "one vote per voter", it can have
> 3 aspects:
>    (1) the vote (with weight 1) shan't have an effective weight
>     that is greater than 1, and
>    (2) the vote shan't have an effect consistent with it having
>     a negative weight [i.e. monotonic]. and
>    (3) subject to all else, a vote of weight 1 ought have an
>     effective weight that is near 1.
> The First Past the Post method passes (1) and (2) and it is not
> so good on (3) if it has STV papers. The IRV method is easily
> rejected for failing (1) and (2). Mike's Approval method novaes
> in a dim dirty flash over rule (1).

Great. - I'll normalise my "effective weights" such that an effective weight of one
corresponds to the approval vote which approves half the candidates. That way, a
vote of weight one will have an "effective weight" of between zero and one, and
hence pass (1) and (2).

What do I win?

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