[EM] Condorcet cyclic drop rule

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> You posted that formula that explicitly shows margins, a formula
> about probabilities. Sure, but the margins don't appear explicitly
> in his method wordings. So, unless I've missed something in your
> messages, I don't understand how that formula means that his method
> wordings specify margins. Unless I've missed some translated quote
> in your messages, from his method proposals, it still seems as if
> Norman's dictionary information is all we have to go on about the
> best guess on what his wording seems to say, according to the French
> at Condorcet's time. 

Please see my post (same subject) for April 2.

Condorcet uses plurality in a context that can only refer to margin,
so since he also speaks of his method in terms of greater and lesser
pluralities, it follows that he means margins.  I go into more detail
in that post.

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Ranked Pairs gives the ranking of the options that always reflects 
the majority preference between any two options, except in order to
reflect majority preferences with greater margins. 
(B. T. Zavist & T. Tideman, "Complete independence  of clones in the 
ranked pairs rule", Social choice and welfare, vol 6, 167-173, 1989)

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