Blake's interpretation vs Condorcet's words

Mon Apr 2 19:16:32 PDT 2001

>    A table of majority judgements between the candidates
>taken two by two would then be formed and the result - the
>order of merit in which they are placed by the majority -
>extracted from it. If these judgements could not all exist
>together, then those with the smallest majority would be

34 ABC
33 BCA
32 CAB

66 A B 33  margin 33
67 B C 32  margin 35
65 C A 34  margin 31

I note again that simple rankings do NOT show *absolute* support (on a 100 to 
-100 percent scale) but ONLY *relative support.

Which, if any, of the choices can get a YES majority ???

How much did Condorcet discuss *absolute* support (versus *relative* support) 

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